Gartmore Community Trust


The trust was formed in 2002 and is now registered as a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation regulated by OSCR (SC033887).

Trustees meet monthly and members meet annually at the trust's AGM. 


The aim of the Trust is to work in partnership with the community to shape the future of Gartmore and its environs  :

  1. To manage community land and associated assets for the benefit of the Community and the public in general as an important part of the protection and sustainable development of Scotland’s natural environment

  2. To promote, establish and operate schemes of a charitable nature for the benefit of the residents of the Community

  3. To provide within the Community facilities for recreation and other leisure time occupation available to the public at large with a view to improving their conditions of life.

  4. To promote for the public benefit the preservation (whether wholly or in part) of buildings and other structures of historic and/or architectural significance located within the Community


The trust board consists of 3 -11 volunteer trustees, who are currently :

Get Involved

Trust membership is free and is open to adults (18 and over) living and working in the Gartmore Community Council area.

Trustees are elected annually at the AGM and the trust welcomes any volunteers who wish to get involved in improving their community.

If you want to get involved, but don't want to become a trustee, you could join the "Friends of the Hall" who provide valuable support in managing the Village Hall - contact us to volunteer.

Our work

What does the Trust do ?  Well, it owns and manages various community assets - the village hall, the play park and the football field.  It also organises a number of entertainment events such as Gala Day, the Village Lunch, Wee Book & a Blether, to name but a few.  None of this would be possible without the many volunteers who offer up their time and expertise every year - a big THANK YOU.

The trust also undertakes and raises finance for a number of community initiatives highlighted in the Community Action Plan - some large, some small : 

Village Hall (2014) ...................




Total refurbishment of one of the village's most prominent buildings at a cost of over £1 million.

Whilst the work itself took over 12 months, the project took over 10 years to plan and fund raise.

It was transformed from a dilapidated, ageing structure to one of Scotland's most contemporary, fit for purpose village halls, whilst retaining its traditional charm. 

Village Playpark (2016) .........




The village's play park was full of dated equipment, unsuitable for younger children.


The 2012 Community Action Plan determined that an upgrade was a key village priority.

In 2016/17 approximately £100,000 was raised and the play park was redeveloped with new equipment and a 'Sensory Garden'.  Today, toddler groups from around the area quite often congregate in Gartmore to use the park. 

Black Bull Pub (2019) ............




The Black Bull is almost as old as Gartmore itself and has had many custodians over the centuries.

In 2018, the community was given the opportunity to purchase the pub and in 2019 this came to pass under the community co-operative - The Black Bull Gartmore Hub & Pub Limited.


What then followed was a massive community effort to refurbish the pub during the 2020 pandemic.


The trust was pleased to be one of many shareholders providing funding to this project. 

Others ........................................

Gartmore Village Hall Bike Shelter
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Table Tennis at Gartmore Village Hall
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Bike Shelter outside the village hall and Black Bull - promoting the village as a stop off point for cyclists on Sustrans 7.


Outdoor shed providing additional storage for the village, the hall and its user groups


Creation & funding for a Tuesday night Table Tennis club equipped with 2 brand new table tennis tables.


New benches around the village.

Future potential projects ......

Bike Shelter outside the village hall and Black Bull - promoting the village as a stop off point for cyclists on Sustrans 7.


Additional storage for the village hall and its user groups


Creation & funding for a Table Tennis club equipped with 2 new table tennis tables.


New benches around the village.